Wind-ensemble 2018

The Wind-ensemble of Die Wilge High School started 6 years ago and is still going strong! During 2018 they performed at a few Eisteddfods and they received A+s with every performance. Our school is very proud to have these group of learners who is practicing very hard during the activity period. Their achievements are more special due to the fact that they dont have any music background once they started at the orchestra. We teach them from scratch.

This year the wind-ensemble made everyone very proud with their performance at the QLTC launch on 18 July 2019 at our school.

They participated on 31 July 2019 at the Music Festival at Generaal Hendrik Schoeman primary school in Hartbeespoort and received A+.
The wind-ensemble will also perform at the Eisteddfod of Musikon in Klerksdorp as well as the eisteddfod for LSEN schools at Roodepark School.

The wind-ensemble is lead by Hanlie Barnard(conductor), Ruan van Heerden, Hanlie van Eeden and Hanlie Prinsloo.



During 2017 the Wind-Ensemble did extremely good.
They participated at several occasions and their results were as follows:
Hartbeespoort Music Festival A++
Musicon Eisteddfod - A++
LSEN Eisteddfod - A++
Mmino Music Festival
We are privilege to have the students of the North West University together with Mr. G. Fazakas to help us with training. We also go once a term to Musikon for training.
Their achievements were absolutely outstanding!!!!





A day at North West Musicon for further professional training.  



The wind-ensemble started in September 2012 with 47 members.  We were very privileged to receive all the instruments from sponsors arrange by SAMOP(South African music outreach project), together with the Music School of the North West University in Potchefstroom. The founder of SAMOP is Dr. Karendra Devroop.

The wind-ensemble consists of fluits, clarinets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophone, trombones, euphoniums, trumpets and percussion instruments.

This was the very first encounter that the learners had with all the aspects of music. They didn't even know what the instruments looked like or what they sounded like.

Almost three years later, we are still going strong with 46 members.

We are very thankful to the teachers and students of the Music School of the North West University who is still helping us with instrument training every second Tuesday.

We also have the help of the teachers of Musikon in Klerksdorp. We are going to them once a month for a practice. We are also very happy to have a sponsorship from UNISA for 2014 and 2015.


Hanlie Barnard- Conductor, Ruan van Heerden- Assistant, Mariaan Grobbelaar- Secretary


In 2014, we participated at the Hartbeespoort Music Festival and receive A++.
We also participated at the Musikon Eisteddfod and receive A+ ,as well as the Eisteddfod at Oom Paul in Rustenburg - A+
Already this year, 2015, we participated at Gimmies Eisteddfod and got A+ again.
We are looking forward to go to Hartbeespoort and Musikon again, as well as the Eisteddfod for LSEN Schools later this year.




Die blaasorkes het in September 2012 met 47 lede begin. Ons was baie bevoorreg om al die instrumente te kon kry deur die borgskap wat gereel is deur SAMOP(South African Music Outreach Project), in samewerking met die musiekskool van die Noord-Wes Universiteit. Die stigter van SAMOP is Dr. Karendra Devroop.

Die blaasorkes bestaan uit fluite, klarinette, alto saxofone, tenoor saxofoon, trombone, euphoniums en perkussieinstrumente.

Hierdie was die heel eerste kenninsmaking en ondervinding wat die lede met alle aspekte van musiek gehad het. Hulle het nie eers geweet hoe die instrumente lyk of klink nie.

Amper 3 jaar later is ons nog sterk aan die gang met 46 lede.

Ons is baie dankbaar teenoor die personeel en studente van die Musiekskool van die Noord-Wes Universiteit wat elke tweede Dinsdag ons kom help met afrigting.

Ons gaan ook een keer per maand na Musikon in klerksdorp waar ons ook hulp kry met afrigting. Ons is ook baie dankbaar vir die borgsksap wat ons by UNISA gekry het 2014 en 2015.

Personeel betrokke

Hanlie Barnard- Dirigent, Ruan van Heerden- Hulp afrigter, Mariaan Grobbelaar- Sekretaresse


Ons het in 2014 by die volgende plekke deelgeneem:
- Hartbeespoort Kunstefees - A++
- Musikon Eisteddfod - A+
- Eisteddfod vir LSEN skole aby Oom Paul in Rustenburg - A+

In 2015 het ons reeds by die Eisteddfod by Gimmies in Potchefstroom deelgeneem- A+ Ons sien uit daarna om weer Hartbeespoort en Musikon toe te gaan asook na die Eisteddfod vir LSEN skole later die jaar.

Die blaasorkes het 29 Julie 2015, by die Hartbeespoort Kunstefees deelgeneem. Hulle behaal A++ met 93%! Ons is baie trots op hulle!!

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