Leadership development is part of the holistic development of the learners of Die Wilge High School. It is an honour to be chosen as a hostel leader but it involves hard work as well. The leaders are the eyes and ears of the hostel staff. Their duties are cardinal to the maintaining of order and discipline in the hostels.

The hostel leaders are supported by 2 leader guardians who support them in handling complaints and reporting problems to the Senior House  Mistress/Master.

Die Wilge High School is a “home away from home” and for that reason the hostel leaders are supported and led by the hostel staff to create a safe haven for every hostel learner.

A word from the Senior Hostel Mistress, Mrs R Clarke:

Die Wilge High School Hostel is "a home away from home". The primary task of the Senior Hostel Mistress, Mrs. R. Clarke and the duty doing teachers are educational. The management of the hostel and the teacher are in "loco parentis".

This is an enormous task which has the following as objectives:

• Basic discipline and respect.
• Personal involvement with each boarder and parents/guardians.
• Assistance and guidance in teaching life skills.
• Intervention takes place to rehab boarders that are causing problems.
• The example that is set by the duty teacher serve as basis for the behaviour of the boarders.
• Positive reinforcement is done and the focus is on changing of behaviour rather than punishment.
• Hostel rules should be adhere to this will contribute towards order and a well organised institution.
• Consultation with parents and learners takes place.




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